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We are a dental practice in Luton led by principal Dentist Dr Gilani. We offer a range of services - General Dentistry, Emergency Dental Treatment, Hygiene, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Dentures, Veneers and Dental Implants.

We always strives to provide a calm atmosphere to ensure a relaxing and stress free visit. When planning treatment, the long term patient benefits are always our concern. We discuss all available options so you can enjoy a healthier, confident and an attractive smile

For treatment plans above £1000 we provide Interest Free Finance 0% APR.

We provide Free Consultations on our dental implants, please call our reception for more information.

We hope you find the website useful, and learn a little more about us. If you require further information please get in touch with our team.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. Our expert team are here to help and make the experience of coming to the dentist as positive and stress-free as possible. Call us on 01582 415150 .

What People Say

  • Horrible! I spent over £7000 with my dentist on veneers and on a new bridge. It was a huge mistake. I was unsatisfied with the colour of my veneers, rather then the white I wanted, also the bridge was ill fitting, which they struggled to correct. Having given up on my dentist, I was recommended by a friend to visit U smile Dental Clinic. The dentist took one look at my dental work and agreed with me that it needed to be corrected. The very same treatment which cost me £7000 with my dentist, cost approximately £2800 with U smile Dental. Even though I drove all the way from Surrey to Luton to attend my appointments, it was well worth...
    Miss. S Walker, Surrey
  • I wanted to write and say thank you. My denture had been giving me problems for the last ten years, where I struggled to get on with it, along with all the embarrassing moments that the dentures have caused me. I then came across an advertisement telling me that I could have implants to support and hold my full dentures in place. I booked an appointment to see the dentist on the Saturday. When he explained everything to me, I couldn’t believe how simple the process was and I kept on asking the dentist if the price was correct because it seemed too low. Well, the price was correct and I now have implants controlling my denture, not the dentures...
    Mrs. G Williams, Bedfordshire
  • My dentist in Milton Keynes quoted me just over £28k to have a whole new set of teeth with dental implants in my lower and upper jaw. The same treatment with U Smile Dental Clinic came to just over £14k. The wait was not too long and the quality of the dental work was fantastic. I just can’t stop smiling and showing off my new teeth to the whole world.
    Mr. M Morris, Buckinghamshire
  • I had to have a tooth pulled out and subsequently had an implant and crown put in place. I was scared to say the least, about the entire process but it was easy. I’m a big baby-such a big baby that if I hear the drill, I break into cold sweats and scare everyone in the room with my nervousness. The dentist was so accommodating he adjusted the crown outside my mouth so I would not have to come close to the drill. I can honestly say that there in nothing scary about having dental work at You Smile Dental Clinic. I liked the fact that this clinic did not have people waiting in the reception watching appointments running over....
    Mrs. L Jones, Essex
  • During my visits to the dental clinic, I always used to be morbidly afraid of dentists but during the last few months, I’ve learnt not to go to each appointment with a sense of doom and dread. Dr Gilani was sensitive and patience at answering all my questions, and what really impressed me was his flexibility at working around my busy schedule which was never a problem for him. This dental clinic is my clinic for life.
    Mrs. K Owen, Northamptonshire

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U Smile Dental
156 Old Bedford Road Luton, LU2 7HN