Special Offers

Affordable prices for wide range of dental treatments, please feel free to compare our fees with other dental clinics.
We've just extended our promotional offer period by public demand, where the cost of our high quality dental implants have now been reduced, from £1190 to £750, offering our patients huge savings. This offer is temporary and might increase without further notice. So do take advantage of this promotion, as it is being run for a limited time only.

  • Dental implants now £750 (not including the crown)
  • We offer life time guarantee on all dental implant parts
  • Free Dental Implant Consultation

Patient referral offer

We're always pleased when we receive referrals from our patients. This means a great deal to us, as it means you are happy with your dental care and happy to pass on this news to your friends and family.

To appreciate your referral of £500 or more worth of treatment you will receive £50 Marks & Spencer voucher

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